Heather Vandeven Goes All Nude In A Bathroom!

by Penthouse

One thought on “Heather Vandeven Goes All Nude In A Bathroom!”

  1. Denise Parks says:

    You are a truly beautiful woman, clothes on. I was watching “Life on Top” season 2 episode 1 with my boyfriend… and I want to say that if you were sexually assaulted during this film, you should speak out. I do not think it was play sex and I do not think it was consensual. I think a man took advantage of you being on-screen. And just because you pretended to be happy, moments later, you are still not at fault. He is. You should never have to tell yourself that a fake sexual encounter can lead to a real one. It is supposed to be fake. But I am sure that it wasn’t. I work with several cases. This should not be okay… EVER! Please speak to someone.

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